Tier3 Brings Home Knowledge of Denver’s Growth Strategies at Denver Glide Event

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Denver, Colorado. September 24, 2018 – Last week, Tier3’s Vice President, William Paynter, attended Greater Louisville Inc’s GLIDE trip to Denver, CO to learn about how Denver continues to be a growing successful city by attracting young and innovative talent. At this event, Tier3 was able to network with many influential members of the Louisville community and brainstorm ways to implement some of Denver’s growth strategies in Louisville.

A few key ideas that were discussed during the event included, strengthening Louisville business leaders’ influence in state government, expanding Louisville’s airport to service a broader audience and improve transportation for future residents, further explore the idea of a professional sports team, and market Louisville’s attractions and quality of life more heavily.

According to Paynter, “Tier3 Technologies strongly believes that Kentucky has the opportunity to grow vastly and that a large portion of this growth depends on its ability to implement innovative technology. Which, in turn, will create IT based careers.” All of these ideas that were discussed at the GLIDE event will bring new jobs to the Louisville area. If we are not investing in technology to support this growth in infrastructure and human capital, then we will inevitably lag behind the other cities who are doing so.

He continued, “Economic growth sometimes is mainly focused on attracting new talent, but we want to make sure that the people native to Louisville can continue to flourish as well.” Along with investing in technology, we need to invest in our community and build a strong foundation. We can demonstrate this by investing in education through Public and Private schools, Post-Secondary education, and supporting other improvements that are being made in the city to retain talent.

Louisville’s FC stadium for example: Investments in this project will undoubtedly bring growth and attention to the Louisville area; increasing the vibrancy of downtown even further to help attract and retain young talent from the region. It will also strengthen the Louisville community at large and become an economic engine supporting growth and innovation.

It is important that Louisville focuses on strengthening from within while working to make it the kind of place that will attract talented people.

This event brought light to many ideas and initiatives that large and small companies alike should look to implement within Louisville in order to achieve the type of growth that cities like Denver have seen. With this awareness, we are hopeful that we can come together as a community in order to reach this goal.  Tier3 is already in the process of contributing largely to this with the projection of 62 IT jobs being created in the Louisville area over the next five years. We are very excited for what is in store for the Derby City!

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