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It’s seldom that one has the opportunity to make such a significant announcement to the world…but here we go!

Tier3 Technologies has invented a “Time Machine”

It didn’t involve Jules Verne or Emmett Brown, those were fiction. It has been accomplished with the time-tested knowledge of our Engineering and Development staff.

And now we are offering you the opportunity to experience the ESP Time Machine.

Our Time Machine is not the DeLorean type and it doesn’t include a flux capacitor… nor does it permit you to move forward or backward in temporal space… it empowers you to recapture network productivity and avoid losing time. The kind that is spent on repetitive activities associated with managing an integral part of your network performance infrastructure… your Riverbed WAN optimization appliances.

So it begs the question… what would or do you do if you could recapture 35-45% of the time your Engineers spend managing these mission critical devices? More so, and perhaps more importantly, what activities could your information workers engage in when they also recapture lost time due to slow response times for corporate applications?

Controlling expenses or engaging in revenue producing activities are the only two ways to impact the bottom line directly. But our ESP Time Machines supports your digitization efforts in that it helps ensure optimum responsiveness to you clients and customers.

And the Tier3 Technologies time machine is agnostic as to whether you are running SteelHead and SteelFusion devices as physical or virtual devices and if your applications are running in your data centers or as “Cloud Resident” applications.

With the ESP Time Machine, companies have access to our “Expert Systems Engine” which provides intelligent proactive and predictive monitoring and management of your infrastructure. With our first “go-to-market” module focused around Riverbed Technology appliances we help to insure that you continue to gain the ROI originally associated with your deployment.

Putting a dollar figure on what a 35-45% time recovery is worth to an organization is not a simple task… Engineers in different parts of the country command differing pay scales based on their skills and experience. Also, information workers handling client interactions generate value at varying levels.

But to be direct, 35-45% of time recovered X the value of an Engineers time and and information workers time is pretty valuable no matter what the business in which your may be engaged.

So, not to waste time, check out our ESP “Time Machine” on our website and let us show you what we’ve done for a variety of organizations around the world.

Let us help you go “Back to the Future” of optimum performance and the value of time recovered for your Engineering staff and information workers.

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