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Given the current situation that is driving both government and the private sector to institute plans for “work from home” the need to insure effective and secure performance for such users comes to the forefront quickly. Broadband, cable and even LTE based “work from home” users see varying speeds and levels of performance. Combined with SaaS based applications such as Microsoft 365 and others being used in this environment, the challenge is exacerbated. Tier3 Technologies and Riverbed have been delivering a solution to this problem for some time, the SteelHead Mobile service.

This technology turns a mobile or home based user into a high performing, WAN optimized user significantly improving the performance of the available bandwidth as well as the SaaS services being used. In combination with whatever secure VPN being used by the corporate or government IT staff the result is a very, very high performance connection. Architectural and Engineering firms discovered this capability some time ago and routinely use SteelHead Mobile for Computer Aided Drawing/Drafting work from remote sites and home.

Michael B. Paynter, Founder C& TO

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