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IOTA is a capture, storage, and analysis device designed by Profitap to meet the needs of top network analysts and engineers. It can be easily deployed with minimal IT knowledge and remotely accessed by network experts – granting them visibility at every level.


IOTA innovates the way you troubleshoot networks. As an ultra portable all-in-one solution, it can be deployed quickly in the network to start the real-time monitoring; either in a dedicated spot in a data center or office, or in the field where it can be accessed remotely – saving you the travel cost and time to an offsite location.


With great capture performance and internal storage of 1TB, the raw network data is stored directly on the device, regardless of the packet rate and size. To narrow down the traffic you want to capture, powerful hardware filters are available.


IOTA integrates its own powerful traffic analysis software, providing the ability to perform flow-based analysis of the PCAP files with various dashboards, like Application Performance Monitoring, Bandwidth Usage, Latency, Top Talkers, TCP Troubleshooting, and more.