Tier 3 Enhanced Support

The Most Comprehensive

Riverbed Support Solution

The Eveready Services Platform

Engineer’s Challenge
Imagine you are experiencing an issue with your network. After you’ve completed all the troubleshooting, you pick up the phone and call the support center. After waiting a significant amount of time for a representative to get to your troublesome ticket, they respond saying that it has nothing to do with the devices that they support, and brush you off to call the next vendor’s support team. Now, it is hours later, your network is still down, and you are back to square one calling your next support contact. Sound familiar?

Tier3’s Solution
What if you had a tool that could…

  • Constantly monitor the health of your infrastructure and help to isolate root cause?
  • Proactively fix common issues with certain devices before you even knew that there was a problem?
  • Be monitored all in a single pane of glass?

And to make it even sweeter, what if it was now standard to receive all of these benefits as a value-added tool with the purchase of your annual infrastructure support renewal?

This is what you will now see included in your Tier3 Enhanced Support Renewal powered by the Eveready Services Platform (ESP).

Access & Track Key Analytics

ESP Quickview — Allows you to see top and bottom performing devices and overall OptimizationKPI’s.

Access & Drill Down on Critical Information

With ESP Geoview — Interactive Map which allows you to have a high level and deep dive overview of all sites.

Real-Time Alerts

ESP sends alerts when there are problems with Riverbed Devices. Currently, there are 55 alerts and counting.

Key Features

  • Access to 24/7 Support
  • Visibility Into Root Cause
  • Reduced MTR
  • Custom Reporting Features
  • 50+ Alerts and Growing
  • Drill Down to Site Level
  • Sustained Confidence in ROI
  • Improved End User Experience
  • Resolution Recommendations
  • Achieves Peace of Mind
  • Proactive Diagnostics
  • ESP GeoView – Interactive Map
  • Access to Knowledge Base
  • Improved Stability & Optimization

What does Tier3 Enhanced Support Entail?

A team of dedicated RASP Support engineers on call 24/7 paired with cutting edge visibility & proactive monitoring for Riverbed devices.

How is this Different than my Original Support?
Now with Riverbed support renewals purchased through Tier3, customers will receive a value-added tool at no additional cost, allowing them enhanced visibility into the functionality of their Riverbed devices. Not only do they have enhanced visibility, but ESP will also proactively fix common issues that occur within Riverbed devices. This allows for the avoidance of downtime and quicker resolution. With ESP, customers get more out of their Riverbed devices, have less downtime by isolating root cause, and achieve peace of mind knowing that their Riverbed devices are doing what they are intended to do.

How does this work?
We believe that business success lies with a “customer first” mentality. Therefore ESP equips users with the tools and support needed to deliver the best possible customer experience. Tier3 combines ESP with RASP support on all Riverbed support renewals to deliver the most comprehensive and innovative Riverbed support solution.

What’s Included with RASP Support?
RASP support, renewed with Tier3, offers the first line of contact to partners and customers for Level 1 and Level 2 support on any Riverbed Solution with on-shift or on-call Help Desk available 24×7 in the US and a 24×7 escalation of Level 3 and Level 4 cases to Riverbed’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC).

Support Levels
Tier3’s Enhanced Support offers a choice of support levels so the customer can choose the plan that fits their specific requirements and can easily adjust their support levels as their business grows and evolves. All Riverbed support includes services contained in the Riverbed Maintenance and Support Services document dated September 2018. The type of plan you have determines the features available.