Partner Success

As partners continue to look for new ways to increase revenue and stand out from the competition, managed services present a natural next step in the growth and evolution of value-added resale business. With limited resources, some resellers struggle to find the balance between focusing on creating a consistent revenue stream and completing/sustaining the certifications necessary to carry out managed services.  So, the question has been raised, how do partners with limited resources stay competitive and relevant in an age where technology is changing at an exponential rate and consumer demand for services around these technologies are also increasing?

Tier3 has successfully made the transition from reseller to an MSP after successfully managing our client’s networks for 7 years.  Now we want to help others in the community to make the transition with ease to improve client experience, stay competitive and get to market faster without having to expend valuable resources.

Sticky Customer

The ESP agent is deployed on your client’s network and communicates with their devices in real time, sending notifications to who you want when an issue arises.  ESP also proactively fixes common issues before there is any impact on the network and your client’s business.

Service Desk

One of the unique benefits of utilizing the Eveready Services Platform is access to our ESP Support and Service Desk, staffed by certified engineers. This negates the need to spend your time and energy on training and knowledge transfer, instead focusing on your customer.

Meaningful Reports

ESP gives you the visibility that you need into your client’s network with access to meaningful reports. These reports provide real-time insights into the network as a whole and can be as granular as the device level. Reports can be viewed and downloaded at your convenience, so customers are consistently reminded of their ROI.

Grow Your Margins

ESP combined with Tier3’s reliable and skilled team of engineers, you are able to get to market fast with a full portfolio of services. Avoid the headache of staying up-to-date on training and increased overhead cost. The door is now open for you to create monthly recurring revenue and increased levels of customer satisfaction.

Gain Your Peace of Mind

Now you can plan for growth and expansion, not technical challenges. Also, get greater returns on your IT and personnel assets to control your budget and avoid unnecessary expenditures resulting from uninformed decisions.