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Isolation challenges each of us to cope in different ways. I read with interest this morning the changing nature of many online technical articles. I had no idea, for instance, that if I so desire, I can utilize a “virtual” background for my Zoom meetings when video conferencing. I couldn’t wait to tell my brother, a retired Navy Master Chief living in Norfolk, Virginia that he could have some great fun with his virtual Sunday School Class. Imagine, him sitting in appropriate attire, a flowing white robe, floating on clouds with a caption that reads something like, “from your heavenly channel” or he could throw in a bit of “fire and brimstone” background just for effect.

I’m amazed at how creative we’ve become in this unusual time. Sunday School, class reunions, support groups, parent conferences, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations all being held virtually using tools such as Zoom, FaceTime, GoToMeeting and so on. I even saw some neighbors helping their children put up signs for “Where’s Waldo” and trying to get other children engaged both online and by using their front porch as their “billboard” for a Waldo hangout.

I’ve been working my way through a number of the “how to” articles and trying to remember some of the video production techniques I learned when getting my Journalism degree decades ago. I will from this day forward question the authenticity of what I’m actually seeing when engaged in video conferences. Now lets talk about the SETI reference.

As I recently read in the papers, COVID-19 is very serious… and it seems we have a societal problem developing here in Louisville, Kentucky and from what I read in other parts of our country.

Over the weekend “hundreds” of people gathered on one of our major thoroughfares and conducted drag races! I understand the desire to be with others but when this happens the threat to the elderly and those with compromised immune systems is much greater. This happened in a part of town where we most definitely have a digital divide and it’s difficult to determine if that was a determining factor to this risk taking, oh and the drag racing too, not smart.

As if to underscore that the SETI effect (searching for intelligent life) is in full bloom here in our community, it was a “Chamber of Commerce” weather day. Despite the thousands of hours of broadcasts urging all of us to practice social distancing, golf courses were packed, and you guessed it…two per cart…crowds on the tees and lots of closeness. It will be unfortunate to see how many of those golfers regret their actions over the coming weeks.

So back to my initial comments regarding virtual backgrounds, maybe our officials should start using some very graphic ones to get the message across to the Dragsters and Golfers. This is some serious S**T!

Stay well, stay connected but do so at a distance.

As soon as I find a virtual Mt. Olympus I intend to forward it to my big brother.

Michael Paynter – CTO, Chairman of the Board

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