No Google Fiber, No Problem. Louisville Can Build Its Own Wireless Network

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The reality of unfilled promises and torn up streets reinforces what most Louisvillians know to be true: If we want something done right, we should do it ourselves. Efforts to build a top-notch, next generation wireless network that serves all of Louisville will be no different.

At its heart, the internet serves to connect people with each other, with information and with the economy. For too long, however, quality internet access and connectivity to the information economy has been out of reach for many in our community.

Despite the lofty promises, even the infamously canceled fiber project was unlikely to solve this problem. So now it’s up to us — the local business and technology sectors — to work together in the sense of cooperative competition and truly make a difference by bringing fast, reliable internet to every corner of Louisville.

Fortunately, the opportunity and even some of the completed KentuckyWired infrastructure already exists for Louisville to leapfrog its peer cities and be among the first to establish a citywide network built around next-generation 5G and other evolving wireless technologies.

Deploying this new technology across Louisville is an ambitious goal. Moving it from the drawing board to reality would require significant collaboration between public and private interests. But we can and must rise to the challenge.

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