ESP Features

The Eveready Services Platform (ESP) has a host of features that Resellers, MSP’s, and IT Departments alike will find useful when monitoring or managing Riverbed infrastructure.  Tier3 developed these features with the user in mind as we spent many years perfecting a way to successfully manage network devices.  ESP is built from experience with the goal of streamlining the troubleshooting processes and simplifying the complex nature of managing network infrastructure.

Alerts & Automated Remediation

Alerts and Automated Remediation
Live & Historic Data

View bandwidth optimization & uncommitted data levels as they happen and over a specific timespan. Use this to gain helpful insights to improve performance and isolate root cause.


ESP resolves common issues within Riverbed infrastructure automatically before there is any impact to the network.


Configuration Analysis

Get capacity suggestions for improving the performance and stability of your client’s networks.

Device Groups &  Sites

These features make it easy to quickly identify issues within an organization.

Meaningful Reporting

Meaningful Reporting
User Logs

Let admins view user activity such as CLI commands, inventory updates, and which users have logged into specific devices to make changes.

MSP Administration

MSP Administration
Advanced Reporting

Establish a high touch relationship with your clients and provide them with helpful information about their infrastructure and health of the network.

Multi-Client Account

Manage an unlimited number of clients from your parent account.

Roll Up Dashboard

See all of your clients from a single screen.

Knowledge Base

Full of helpful articles that will aid in the troubleshooting process.

Role Based Access

Control who has access to what information.

White Labeled

Rebrand the portal with your corporate logo and colors.

Built for Simplicity

Built for Simplicity
Batch Import

Add several devices at once by uploading a spreadsheet to our portal.

In-App Terminal

Securely access SSH enables device on a network — from anywhere.

Secure Remote Access

Securely access a client’s network from any location with TeamViewer.

Device Discovery

Fetches and populates device information once username, password, and IP are given, avoiding having to input technical details of each device manually.

Remote Browser

Log into a device’s interface directly from the ESP portal.