Get the Most Out of Riverbed Performance

Easy to consume and intuitive dashboard designed specifically to bring actionable insights to Engineer’s attention.

Complete high-level visibility. Geo Map shows the location of all sites and devices color-coded by alert severity.

Intelligent Alert Engine that will decrease noise and Automate remediation measures for certain issues.

Powerful Data Integration communicates and tracks in real time so that Engineers are always in the know.

ESP has a host of features that Resellers, MSP’s, and IT Departments alike will find useful when monitoring Riverbed infrastructure. Tier3 developed these features with the user in mind as we spent many years trying to find a way to effectively monitor and manage Riverbed Technology. ESP is built from experience with the goal of streamlining the troubleshooting processes and simplifying the complex nature of these devices. 

Increase Productivity & Awareness

Live & Historic Data

View bandwidth optimization & uncommitted data levels as they happen and over a specific timespan. Use this to gain helpful insights to improve performance and isolate root cause.


ESP resolves common issues within Riverbed infrastructure automatically before there is any impact to the network.

Accelerate Troubleshooting

Configuration Analysis

Get capacity suggestions for improving the performance and stability of your client’s networks.

Device Groups &  Sites

These features make it easy to quickly identify issues within an organization.

Align for Future Planning

User Logs

Let admins view user activity such as CLI commands, inventory updates, and which users have logged into specific devices to make changes.

System Requirements & Security

ESP runs on the client’s network by use of a collector available through an OVA installation to access and communicate with your environment.

Requirements for Installing ESP Agent
  • 2 Virtual CPU’s
  • 40GB of Available Disk Space
  • 6GB of Memory
Supported Virtual Platforms
  • VMware ESX/ESXi
  • Microsoft Hyper-V (OVA installation)

ESP is a web application and most compatible in Firefox and Chrome browsers.


ESP is an intuitive platform, making the onboarding process a breeze. Our onboarding program is designed to get you up and running quickly and effectively as possible to start realizing your benefits now.

Penetration Tested by High Bit Security

Gain Your Sixth Sense!

Get your 30-day ESP Free Trial

Alerts & Notifications

ESP continuously performs health checks on the efficiency of the network is programmed to generate an Alert when a malfunction or disruption occurs. An alert is generated immediately upon the direction of a problem so that corrective action can be taken.

››› 55+ preconfigured alerts ranging from informational such as Bypass Mode to critical alerts such as a Device Down.
››› Choose the notifications you want to receive and how often.
››› Share notifications with customizable options.

Context-Aware Data

Get relevant and actionable information based on the device type.

››› View specific graphs and insights based on device type.
››› Receive actionable alerts and remediation recommendations tailored to the specific infrastructure.

Rich Statistics

Reduce inconsistencies between applications and the data flow in your enterprise systems with ESPs intelligent insights and avoid costly business errors.

››› Get insights into your traffic patterns by the port.
››› Deep dive into traffic types.

Ease of Use

Sending commands has never been easier! Now with the click of a button, you can send commands to any number of devices. 

››› Utilize standard commands or write your own.
››› Export for your records.
››› Command mode is only accessible to assigned user profiles for an extra layer of security.
››› Review command logs to include user, date and time, command description and command results.

Device Schematics

Find a library of schematics from various devices that help to aid in the troubleshooting and resolution process.

››› Device schematics are mapped automatically during the device/bulk import process.
››› Schematics help onsite technicians to easily identify connections and ports to avoid errors.

Intelligent Device Diagnostics

Find everything you need in your device toolbox, a great place to access device information, schematics, install photos, push commands, or review alert history, notes, and user logs.

››› View VM information at the click of a button.
››› Your standard CLI Commands are already programmed and ready at your convenience.
››› View command logs for a specific device.

Alert History Reports

Use alert history reports to discover alert trends with devices on your network.

››› Dive deep and notice patterns with various sites.
››› Select which alert types you want to investigate and filter out the ones that aren't relevant.
››› Do this over various date ranges to get even further insight into external factors.
››› Easily export this report to various file formats with the click of a button.

Optimization Comparison

Compare optimization levels at different points in time to assess the effectiveness of network changes by device or sites.

Inventory Report

Run a report on specific devices you would like to see, and filter based on site or device type.

››› Option to include site info. to get contact and location information of each asset.
››› Export to various file formats.
››› Access all the information you need about your riverbed infrastructure in one place. 

Optimization Reports

The optimization reports tab allows for a high-level overview of bandwidth optimization and utilization. This feature enables users to realize ROI.

››› Review optimization at various sites and devices.
››› Review optimization over any span of time.