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Our Search for Intelligent Life; Here at Home

Isolation challenges each of us to cope in different ways. I read with interest this morning the changing nature of many online technical articles. I had no idea, for instance, that if I so desire, I can utilize a “virtual” background for my Zoom meetings when video conferencing. I couldn’t wait to tell my brother, […]

The “Big Bang”​ Opportunity Social Networking Presents

Some three decades ago, I had the opportunity to dine with Dr. Arno Penzias, then Chief Scientist of Bell Laboratories. Now I’ll admit that there are a lot of rings on this tree, so to speak, and lots of the younger generation won’t know who he is or for that matter what Bell Labs was; that’s another […]

Join Our Webinar!

Current events are impacting WFH users’ productivity in these challenging times. Tier3 Technologies & Riverbed Technology are here to help you optimize at-home network connections! Join our webinar where our host, Michael Paynter, will be discussing how Riverbed Technology’s SteelHead mobile solution combined with Tier3 Technologies’ ESP will help with the influx of employees who […]