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Tier3 Technologies Expands Services into Great Lakes Region with New Partnership

Louisville, Ky. (April 15, 2019) – Tier3 Technologies, a national leader in the highly specialized field of network management and development, announced its first domestic expansion through a strategic partnership with Detroit, Michigan-based Collaborations Systems Group (CSG). The agreement allows CSG access to Tier3’s patent-pending remote monitoring management tool—the Eveready Services Platform® (ESP) designed to help network-support businesses increase their service and growth capabilities.

“This first-of-its-kind partnership is an exciting step for Tier3 and highlights our growth domestically and abroad,” said Michael Paynter, Founder, and CEO, of Tier3 Technologies. “CSG has an outstanding reputation in the Great Lakes Region, providing top-notch service to their clients. They will be a great partner as we expand our services across the country through innovative partnerships with like-minded companies.”

This strategic partnership creates a mutually beneficial structure by opening up new markets for Tier3 while simultaneously giving CSG access to new global resources. Tier3 is currently evaluating numerous growth opportunities in markets across the country and beyond, particularly following expanded services offerings with their ESP platform.

“We are thrilled to be working with such distinguished business and are excited about what this means for our capabilities and what we can offer to our customers,” said Managing Partner Mark Schlicher at CSG. “Adding Tier3’s global reach, unparalleled expertise, and unique offerings to our established services will help CSG transition to the next phase of growth.”

“While Tier3 may not be a recognized name yet, rest assured many companies and individuals have benefitted from our technology,” said Paynter. “The back-end services we provide enable modern networks to operate to their fullest extent. In other words, we are some of the people behind the scenes helping to make the digital world operate efficiently for businesses across the world.”

Founded in 2005, Tier3 works around the globe to build, improve and manage high performance, fully-optimized network systems for public and private clients. Their latest innovation, ESP, provides unparalleled visibility into network performance as an add-on to hardware and other service offerings. The partnership will allow CSG customers to access these services and expertise—scaling as needed.

About Tier 3 Technologies: Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Tier3 Technologies is a multi-generation family-owned and operated technology company specializing in network management and development utilizing cutting edge Riverbed Technology offerings. Founded in 2005, Tier3 provides high-quality assistance to various private and public network systems, managing and improving the performance through their patent-pending ESP platform.

Tier3 Brings Home Knowledge of Denver’s Growth Strategies at Denver Glide Event

Denver, Colorado. September 24, 2018 – Last week, Tier3’s Vice President, William Paynter, attended Greater Louisville Inc’s GLIDE trip to Denver, CO to learn about how Denver continues to be a growing successful city by attracting young and innovative talent. At this event, Tier3 was able to network with many influential members of the Louisville community and brainstorm ways to implement some of Denver’s growth strategies in Louisville.

A few key ideas that were discussed during the event included, strengthening Louisville business leaders’ influence in state government, expanding Louisville’s airport to service a broader audience and improve transportation for future residents, further explore the idea of a professional sports team, and market Louisville’s attractions and quality of life more heavily.

According to Paynter, “Tier3 Technologies strongly believes that Kentucky has the opportunity to grow vastly and that a large portion of this growth depends on its ability to implement innovative technology. Which, in turn, will create IT based careers.” All of these ideas that were discussed at the GLIDE event will bring new jobs to the Louisville area. If we are not investing in technology to support this growth in infrastructure and human capital, then we will inevitably lag behind the other cities who are doing so.

He continued, “Economic growth sometimes is mainly focused on attracting new talent, but we want to make sure that the people native to Louisville can continue to flourish as well.” Along with investing in technology, we need to invest in our community and build a strong foundation. We can demonstrate this by investing in education through Public and Private schools, Post-Secondary education, and supporting other improvements that are being made in the city to retain talent.

Louisville’s FC stadium for example: Investments in this project will undoubtedly bring growth and attention to the Louisville area; increasing the vibrancy of downtown even further to help attract and retain young talent from the region. It will also strengthen the Louisville community at large and become an economic engine supporting growth and innovation.

It is important that Louisville focuses on strengthening from within while working to make it the kind of place that will attract talented people.

This event brought light to many ideas and initiatives that large and small companies alike should look to implement within Louisville in order to achieve the type of growth that cities like Denver have seen. With this awareness, we are hopeful that we can come together as a community in order to reach this goal.  Tier3 is already in the process of contributing largely to this with the projection of 62 IT jobs being created in the Louisville area over the next five years. We are very excited for what is in store for the Derby City!

Riverbed Solutions and Tier3 Technologies Help KLX Inc. Meet 20-Minute SLAs for Replacement Airplane Parts

Using performance insight, KLX created a global infrastructure that optimizes application performance for every user.

October 18, 2017 -Riverbed Technology today announced that KLX is using Riverbed® solutions to help meet SLAs for replacement airplane parts that range from four hours to as little as 20 minutes, by improving the underlying IT infrastructure. Working with Riverbed partner, Tier3 Technologies, KLX uses insight from Riverbed® SteelCentral™ performance management solutions to design a global IT infrastructure that optimizes performance of local and centralized business-critical applications such as Kardex, as well as public cloud-based applications such as Office 365, delivered over long distances to users. KLX uses Riverbed® SteelHead™ appliances for wide area network (WAN) optimization between data centers, and Riverbed SteelHead SaaS to accelerate cloud-based apps. Riverbed® SteelFusion™ appliances lay the foundation for edge sites around the world by eliminating complex local infrastructure, and uniquely centralizing edge data, backups and IT operations while accelerating performance of local applications.

KLX Inc. is the world’s leading provider of aerospace fasteners, consumables, and logistics services as KLX Aerospace Solutions. The company also provides oilfield services and associated rental equipment across North America as KLX Energy Services. KLX Aerospace Solutions is the company airlines call when they’ve got a plane full of people sitting on the tarmac, unable to take off until a replacement part arrives. With 110 global facilities (including 55 forward stock warehouses) and nearly 4,000 employees, KLX can deliver a replacement part in as little as 20 minutes.

KLX had the opportunity to create a global IT infrastructure from scratch when it was spun off from B/E Aerospace. “We had a unique opportunity, a green-field environment where we could select the best technologies,” explained Jack Ortman, Managing Director of Infrastructure at KLX. “Given the long distances and latencies we deal with, we knew one of those technologies would be WAN optimization. And not just for Kardex. We have a number of key business applications that are in the cloud and in the data center that are delivered over a network and whose performance is critical, including some of our financial systems, email, and Office 365.”

Tier3 Technologies began its work with KLX by using SteelCentral solutions such as AppResponse to gain insight into the existing (parent company’s) infrastructure. “There were lots of embedded systems in place and lots of dependencies that nobody really understood because they had just grown over the years,” said Michael Paynter, founder and CEO of Tier3. “Using SteelCentral, we were able help to KLX understand how users from all over the world were accessing the applications and what the dependencies were. And more importantly, what might be causing performance problems.”

Tier3 deployed SteelHead, SteelFusion and SteelHead SaaS across KLX as a single integrated system, and provides application optimization and data services on an on-going basis for KLX. SteelFusion was chosen for KLX’s edge sites because in addition to providing the WAN acceleration needed for optimized application performance, the appliances help with data security by centralizing 100% of edge data and backups in the datacenter. “We have a lot of files that are shared across different functional areas. SteelFusion allows for those files to be projected to the edge so the users get the performance as if they were using local files but there’s no risk of that data being lost,” Ortman said.

In terms of meeting SLAs, the network that Ortman put together has been a definite success. “Today, 99.7% of our orders are delivered on-time to customers’ specifications,” Ortman noted. “And obviously, that continues to ratchet up as we continue to make process improvements.” In terms of costs, he is equally pleased. “Riverbed’s technologies improve the performance of your systems while reducing your total costs,” he added. “As we expand over the coming year, we expect we’ll have a cost avoidance of $1 to $1.5 million dollars that we would have otherwise incurred upgrading those distant WAN connections around the world.”

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Tier3 Technologies, a National IT Service Provider Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Announces New Certified RASP Partnership with Riverbed SD-WAN

Louisville, KY – August 1, 2017 – Tier3 Technologies a Managed Service Company, MSP, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, has been designated a Riverbed Authorized Service (RASP) Partner for Riverbed’s Hyper-Converged Branch and WAN optimization technology. By attaining this designation, Tier3 Technologies exhibits the highest levels of support and engineering expertise in networking, storage, WAN optimization, and server virtualization.

Tier3 Technologies attained the RASP partnership by developing a strong business relationship with Riverbed and by developing and enhancing its’ value-added managed service, the ESP™. Via this partnership, Tier3 Technologies continues to develop and deliver customer service solutions focused on boosting ROI and generating incremental value.

Riverbed’s RASP partnership program is an invitation-only program offered to select partners. As a certified RASP partner, Tier3 Technologies is now positioned to enhance client offerings to include:

  • Widespread deployment of the analytics backend, the Eveready Services Platform™ (ESP™).
  • Deployment of the ESP™ Client Portal providing real-time visibility to Riverbed devices.
  • Greater focus on network visibility and “digital experience management”
  • Enhanced deliverables in Network-As-A-Service via SD-WAN/Hyper-Converged Branch offerings
  • Greater support for deploying “Cloud-Ready” services

To read more about Tier3 Technologies and the recent RASP partnership please click here.

Introducing SteelFusion™ 3.0: Branch Converged Infrastructure Transforms Branch Office IT Forever

Riverbed pioneered the branch converged infrastructure market to address these problems by launching Riverbed Granite – now called Riverbed SteelFusion™. To date, the solution is helping customers centralize and protect an estimated 47 petabytes of branch data in their datacenter and consolidate an estimated 87,000 branch servers. Because of these accomplishments in the field of data storage, SteelFusion™ has been named Info World Technology of the Year for two straight years.

“With more and more branches and data, organizations are struggling with the cost and inefficiency of managing islands of infrastructure – servers, apps and storage – outside the datacenter. Riverbed developed the first solution that delivers all the benefits of converged infrastructure found in the datacenter, such as performance, security, scalability, better disaster recovery, and manageability, but optimized for the unique requirements of the branch,” said John Martin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Storage Delivery at Riverbed. “With SteelFusion™, Riverbed has completely changed the game with branch IT infrastructure. Businesses get the best of both worlds: centralizing data to eliminate branch downtime, improve data security, and lower TCO while still delivering local access to apps and data for branch workers.”

“SteelFusion™ is a no-brainer because as an IT leader you want simplified infrastructure and all of your data, servers, and virtual machines in the core datacenter,” said Mike Rinken, senior associate and director of IT at Mazzetti, a full-service consulting and building design firm. “With Riverbed I no longer need separate physical infrastructure at my branches for file, and application servers. All that now rolls onto a single SteelFusion™ branch converged infrastructure appliance.”

With the SteelFusion™ 3.0 release, Riverbed delivers:

  • 6 time performance gain in the branch with a new high-end appliance. With a 6 time performance gain over the previous high-end SteelFusion™ appliance, the new SteelFusion™ 1360P appliance ensures users get faster, local performance for storage-intensive workloads like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and CAD/CAM applications.
  • 3 time increase in data-capacity at the datacenter with a new higher capacity controller appliance. Higher capacity on the storage deliver controller, the SteelFusion™ Core 3000, means storage admins can now support up to 100 terabytes of consolidated data, a 3 time improvement over the previous high of 35TB supported. This enables scalability for global enterprise companies looking to consolidate their data and applications.
  • Enhanced recovery innovation – with a new predictive pre-fetch capability on the converged appliance, the Branch Reovery Agent further reduces recovery time from major outages. This ensures employees can remain product with constant access to applications and data, despite major disasters.
  • Simplified operations – server, virtualization, and backup administrators will see an improved scale out architecture with pooled management of storage delivery controllers. A new recovery agent for the converged appliance makes it simpler and faster for administrators to recover a branch from a major outage.
  • Even better NetApp and EMC integrations with support for NetApp cluster mode and EMC VNX2 snapshots continue seamless integration advancements to ensure SteelFusion™ integrates seamlessly with data center SAN infrastructure to provide backup consolidation.

“With the new release we’re excited to be able to expand our deployment. SteelFusion™ 3.0 will scale to meet the application and user needs at our largest site – Mazzetti headquarters,” said Rinken. “Also, with the new SteelFusion Branch Recovery Agent, we can intelligently pre-cache and pre-warm files and data that users access. Users will never feel the impact of an outage. They will just be able to continue working as if nothing had ever happened.”


SteelFusion™ Serves as the Foundation for a Statewide IT Modernization Effort that is Saving More Than $900,000 Annually

In Brief


  • Deliver data and applications to government offices across the state while dealing with constraints posed by long distances and limited bandwidth.
  • Eliminate the financial risk of data loss at remote sites.
  • Minimize productivity losses caused by site downtime.


  • A Software-Defined Edge solution powered by SteelFusion that centralizes remote IT infrastructure, data and complex operations for 38 state agencies across 64 locations to date.


  • Delivered as a service by Riverbed reseller Tier3, SteelFusion eliminates IT headaches, saves significant cost to the state, keeps valuable data safe and improves overall productivity at remote sites.

State’s Size and Rural Nature Stretch IT to the Breaking Point

For agencies that serve Kentucky’s citizens, IT delivery is complicated by the state’s large size, rural nature, and limited connectivity. With the exception of offices in the capital of Frankfort, most state government facilities are served by 10-Mbps network connections. For many more remote locations, a T1 line (1.5 Mbps) is all that’s available.

These limitations can jeopardize operations that depend on the network, such as backing up data to a central repository. This along with latency caused by long distances between cities can cripple the performance of centralized applications and affecting productivity. Also, the distance between Frankfort and remote offices makes it difficult to deploy and maintain IT equipment. Replacing a failed server, or recovering from an unplanned IT outage of any sort has to be done in person. It can take up to a week and ruin cabinet productivity.

Travis Wagers, information systems manager for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Office of Information Technology, explains how his agency was affected. “Our larger offices – those with around 100 people or so – had 10-Mbps circuits and were equipped with three physical servers [for CAD and other project-related data, for example, used regularly in the design, upkeep and architecture of the state roadways]. The backups for those servers were never completing, or they were failing, or taking all weekend into Monday and Tuesday because of the interruption of services.”

Failed Backups Affect Data and Productivity

Failed backups put large amounts of project data at risk of complete loss. “That design data is irreplaceable,” says Wagers. “With the nature of the data that would have been lost, it would have been catastrophic. I mean, we are talking millions and millions of dollars. And seeing our back-ups not complete, and that they were physical servers, that’s what made it so scary and why we needed a solution so very badly.”

And in addition to significant cost of data loss, backups rolling over into the workweek reduced productivity. A failed server cost the agency at least $10,000 a day in lost productivity.

Wagers did what he could to work around these issues, such as coordinating the timing of backups. He upgraded some 10-Mpbs circuits to 25-Mpbs, and was considering doing that for more offices, realizing this would be expensive. Upgrades also wouldn’t address latency or the affect of someone streaming video or audio would have on the link. Nor would it would address issues related to maintaining the offices’ physical servers.

The Solution

A better solution came from Tier3 Technologies, which contracts with Kentucky’s Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) to provide IT solutions. Tier3 had previously deployed Riverbed® SteelHeadTM for WAN optimization to amp up network throughput and accelerate performance. “The SteelHead appliances were giving them an effective bandwidth increase of up to 4X,” says William Paynter, vice president of business development at Tier3.

When Paynter learned in 2011 that Riverbed was launching a solution that directly addressed the challenges that are unique to IT organizations dealing with ROBO, or edge IT, by specifically centralizing all remote data, and therefore ensuring data security, and centralizing and accelerating complex IT operations for near instant recovery from outages and provisioning of new sites and remote services, all while optimizing performance, he couldn’t wait to show it to Wagers and his counterparts at other agencies.

SteelFusion is a “Life Saver” for State’s Transportation Agency

No Risk of Failed Backups

That solution, Riverbed® SteelFusionTM, is a unique solution for software-defining edge IT by uniquely integrating industry standard virtualization, intelligent storage cache, and SteelHead’s industry-leading WAN optimization. This hyper-converged edge solution is deployed in a dual-ended appliance, with the core in the datacenter or cloud, where edge applications and data are centralized, and the receiving end on-site in the edge office to which a working set of data is projected.

With Wagers’ permission, Tier3 installed a SteelFusion appliance in the transportation agency’s Elizabethtown office, one of its most problematic. “When we got SteelFusion in there, instead of taking days and days and days and never completing, backups were now just getting done,” says Wagers.

His agency now has SteelFusion Edge appliances in each of its offices across the state – an improvement Wagers refers to as a “big win” and “life saver” for several reasons. First, faster backups have eliminated the potential loss of irreplaceable project data posed by the incomplete and failed backup attempts of the past.

No Risk of Server Outages

Second, having replaced physical servers in the remote offices with virtual machines (VMs) running on the SteelFusion appliance, the agency no longer risks days-long server outages. This is saving them the tens of thousand of dollars in lost productivity they caused. “All of a sudden,” explains Wagers, “our entire environment was safe [and] backing up. If we wanted to deploy something new, we could spin it up in an hour, not buy hardware, and ship it out there, get a tech onsite to build it. All that stuff’s gone so it really made a huge impact right off the bat.”

Cost savings related to the agency’s use of SteelFusion is dramatic – to date, the use of SteelFusion is saving Kentucky over $900,000/year on bandwidth and server hardware alone. Of that, the transportation agency’s 12 SteelFusion 3100 appliances save approximately $44,772 per month in lower bandwidth costs. They also save $3,000 per month on virtualization of the servers totaling more than $573,000 in savings annually.

Additional SteelFusion Benefits

  • SteelFusion frees them up to take on more forward-looking IT project.
  • Built-in Quality of Service functionality lets Wagers prioritize network traffic so that critical data and applications have priority.

These benefits extend well beyond Kentucky’s transportation department. Of the 1,200 SteelHead appliances originally deployed, there is a plan in place to upgrade 90% of them to SteelFusion. This will transform IT at other agencies including public advocacy, state parks, medical examiners, and health and family services.

For the Commonwealth, SteelFusion is a critical step in its IT modernization effort to make government more responsive to citizens. As Wagers says, to summarize, “We saved money. We modernized our infrastructure. Back-ups are now completing. If we want to spin-up a new server there is no buying it and waiting. The time to deployment has been reduced significantly because we can leverage our existing VMs. So, we have future-proofed our infrastructure.”