Eveready Services Platform® (ESP)

ESP is a web application developed by Tier3 Technologies that allows users “real-time” visibility into the functionality of Riverbed and non-Riverbed devices.  The application represents a unique focus on combining “Big Data” analytics with a Service Automation Architecture, capturing, storing, analyzing and presenting actionable information to Users. This approach allows Users to accomplish a variety goals; shorter time to problem resolution, sustained and significant ROI for their Riverbed investment and excellent end-user experience.

The Proactive diagnostics and Alerts in ESP guarantee an optimized network operation and includes valuable insights with graphs and reports on the overall optimization, data reductions and optimization comparisons for devices and groups.  ESP retrieves data from each device and auto-refreshes every 5 minutes, assessing the efficiency of data flows between the devices and quickly identifies disruptions that may occur via alert generations to the user.

Take Your IT Environment to New Heights with Tier3’s Eveready Services Platform!